peggy ip

 Peggy Ip considers herself to be a chef who illustrates. Born in Hong Kong, she has always been surrounded by food from all over the world. She attended the University of Hong Kong, where she earned her B.S. in Food and Nutritional Science. This made her into not only a nutritional snob, but a bit of a food scientist as well. Today, around 10 years later, she is graduating from SCAD with a B.F.A in illustration. And, as a frequent traveler, she has woven together food and illustration. By experiencing local cuisines from around the world, and home-cooked stories, she documents them all throughout her sketchbooks.

However, as a freelance illustrator, she has worked on everything from posters and tickets, to painting the “World’s Largest Shoe” with other SCAD students in 2013. Most recently, she has been experimenting with corporate by sketching user stories during a 10-week SCAD program with Google. 

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